I just spent almost an hour trying to get a post just right only to decide maybe I don’t want to publish it anyway. Next time I think to write something, I will have six drafts staring at me from above wishing to be published. Or deleted.

Here’s a bridge instead.


  1. matches 20060710

    When I was in photo at Point, the two things we were not allowed to take pictures of were bridges and train tracks. If that’s a train bridge then you are in big trouble.

  2. waytoocrowded 20060710

    What can I say. The best know which rules to break and when to break them.

    Not a train bridge.

  3. puddingcups 20060711

    hahaha! no train bridges! .. what i want to know if there is some sort of rule that no one responds after i write anything? is that a rule? ‘cuz it sure seems like it. I may perhaps be the enemy, whenever i touch a computer i break it without doing anything, perhaps your Virus indicators warn you not to talk to me… yeah.. yeah … that’s it.hmmmmm

  4. matches 20060711

    I think that is a rule, though an unwritt… ah crap.

  5. jb 20060711

    no girls allowed. that is the rule puddingcups. you’d best abide.

  6. puddingcups 20060718

    no girls allowed huh?… even if i happen to have Andrew Reynold’s signature.. huh huh? what do you got? you got nothin’

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