The Flash site killer feature


For the sake of example, site A links to site B. I click the link, site B opens and delivers one big .swf. It includes lots of cool “pages” with photos and movies and art and stories on them. I probably click through fifteen different “pages” before becoming bored with the .swf site and wishing to return to site A. I click the back button on my browser once, just once, and I’m instantly back to site A. None of that digging through fifteen pages in the back button’s submenu. Killer.


  1. matches 20060706

    What a backhanded compliment!

  2. cr 20060706

    Very interesting. I like it.

  3. majafa 20060708

    Here’s what I like…when you click a link and it opens a new window. Then you can continue reading the original site while the linked site loads. Brilliant. and yeah I’ve been told that’s the ‘wrong way of doing it’ but I still like it.

  4. matches 20060708

    The thing is, it’s easy enough to right click a link into a new window, but there’s no way to make a link set up to open in a new window NOT do so, or open in a new tab instead.

  5. waytoocrowded 20060708

    You can force new windows to open in new tabs or the current tab in Firefox. But I totally agree, if all links opened in the same window, it would be much easier. If you’re not a right click sort of person, ctrl+click does the new tab as well.

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