Win2k invades XP


I’m fortunate enough to get to use Mozilla Thunderbird Microsoft Outlook for all my email needs during the day. Sometimes the emails I send contain just a few lines of code rather than any sort of dictionary friendly message. For these occasions it’s nice to skip out on the spell check. Being a Microsoft product you’d think it would integrate perfectly with Windows. Being the nitpicking, slightly more obsessed with design than the average user, I’m easily annoyed. Why do the all the buttons and dialogs match except for the cancel of spelling check which looks like it is straight out of Win2k? The close button in the corner isn’t even the same color.

More email client related madness – this has been scrambled for two days now.


  1. matches 20060630

    I use the super unprofessional and aptly-named “Mail” at home and work. It’s nice, and I like OS X’s on-the-fly spellcheck for emails and comment boxes.

  2. waytoocrowded 20060701

    I use the super rad and aptly-named “Thunderbird” for some of my home mailing adventures. It’s nice and I often find apps’ on-the-fly spellcheck to be more intrusive than tearing through at the end. But I already linked that post once.

  3. cr 20060701

    I use Outlook’s little brother, Outlook Express, at home and have for many years without any complaints or problems. I’ve always found it much eaiser to use than most other mail apps, including web based ones like Yahoo! Mail.

  4. matches 20060701

    Ha, just noticed your “title” for the scrambled link. So appropriate. Netfinder blows.

  5. majafa 20060702

    i use yahoo! mail and gmail. yipee for web-based email.

  6. matches 20060702

    majafa, did you know Gmail has POP access so you can use Outlook Express or Thunderbird with it? Works like a charm.

  7. majafa 20060702

    yeah. yahoooooo! has some POP access feature too. I’m not big on POP features. I prefer going to each page/site rather than having everything all together. Gives me something to do.

    It’s kinda like how I prefer having both Yahooooooo! messenger and AOL Instant Messager open rather than having one simple Gaim program open…I use Gaim sometimes, but not often.

  8. puddingcups 20060704

    stupid computer talk …. pfff!! i would like to join the conversation, but unfortunately …. i’m not a computer wizard/genius…. assholes! gogo arcade games!!! pac-man forever.. ROCK!
    ps- sweet girls in pink on bikes… i’ve gotta work on a routine and someday that could be me! could it?

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