Google Maps multiple line inputs


While displaying addresses on multiple lines makes for easy reading, it doesn’t work well with copying/pasting into the single line inputs of Google Maps. Rather than the entire address being pasted into place only the first line makes it. The rest, usually the city, state and zip, is lost completely. Unfortunately Google hasn’t yet figured out how to pinpoint a location based on street address alone. This leaves the options of typing the second part manually or executing two copy/pastes – one for each line.

Or write a user script to use with Greasemonkey to replace the input‘s with textarea‘s which allow for multiple lines.

gm_inputs makes copying and pasting multiple line addresses into Google Maps fun. Works for search the map and get directions queries.

Updated 07/11/06 to accommodate new search format.


  1. cr 20060630

    On-line stalking just gets easier and easier!

  2. matches 20060630

    Ha, comment of the month goes to cr.

    I can’t believe you need to look at maps. I thought you knew PDX like the back of your hand?

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