Destroyers on the Willamette


Portland’s annual Rose Festival is in session and by tradition a fleet of ships is currently docked in the Willamette at Waterfront Park. This happens to be two blocks from where I work but the daytime view didn’t seem overly interesting. Rather, here are some night photos, sans tripod.

  1. From the Steel Bridge, pointing SW
  2. From the Steel Bridge, pointing SE
  3. From the Steel Bridge, pointing SE zoom
  4. Protection for the ships

The only disappointment came in that I was counting on finding Navy Boi lurking around shipside. Maybe next year.

On a side note, if you’re ever inclined to shoot numerous photos of military subjects at night, be prepared to answer questions such as where are you from, why didn’t you come during the day to take photos and can I see the photos please.


  1. matches 20060611

    That’s pretty awesome. I don’t recall ever having seen a destroyer. Big city cool!

  2. jb 20060612

    if you really wanna catch navy boi lurking, i would look on the floor of some redneck bar in san diego.

  3. kyle 20060622

    Why are you taking top secret photos of my ships Mr. Panther??? i will aloww this one to slide but if this talk of airplanes and now photos of the greatest war ships in the world continues i will be forced to treat you as a terrorist to my country and deal with you accordingly! or i will do nothing cuz i am far too lazy, the later seems to be much more likely.

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