The world is a beta app


I recently talked about a beta release here. Another here. Still more here. Seems any newish web app sits in some sort of pre-official release (alpha/beta/gamma) whether it be public or not. But at least they are out there, bugs and all, for people to explore, learn from and rip off. Or be envious of.

I’ve been playing with Meebo a bit lately. It’s like Gaim without the install. I haven’t done a ton with it and can’t say I’d depend on it as my online IM client, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

All 3.13GB of Windows Vista Beta 2 went public today. Any takers?

Smashing Pumkins are coming back. Get it? And for not being into linking, I’m sure doing enough of it lately.


  1. matches 20060608

    I’m convinced that Google now has so many projects that they figure it’s finished when they can release it as a beta. Honestly, how long has Gmail been in that state, and what are they waiting for? Are there still issues?

    Also, it seems that any of those greek letters used as suffixes immediately takes away accountability. It’s kind of like saying “hey, we wanted to get this out here but because we’re pushing it so soon we haven’t had time to fix all the bugs but you can use it but if something goes wrong and stuff happens to your data then it’s your own fault because we’re in beta and you should know better.”

    A greek letter is worth a thousand…well, maybe a hundred words.

  2. majafa 20060609

    I hate beta releases. Somehow I always find a way to create problems with full-release programs/software. I don’t need to be using stuff that is known to still have bugs.

    I’ve been using Gaim lately, but I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to successfully use the file transfer feature, so I find myself going back to yahoo messenger when I may want to send a file quickly during a conversation. So, while you don’t yet depend on Meebo, I still don’t depend on Gaim. I’m always a year or so behind when it comes to computer stuff…

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