Songbird is even better than mourning doves


And trees. And even in light of the first paragraph of this post.

One of the reasons I started using Firefox was for it’s ability to do things other browsers couldn’t. The same holds true for Songbird. The fact it’s built on the Firefox browser engine doesn’t hurt either. Nor the slick design (iTunes rip off? Shut it. It’s black by default!).

Favorite feature: loading a webpage into the Songbird browser generates a playlist of all the media files on that page. It will help keep my desktop clear of random MP3s that just turn out to be garbage anyway. Songbird brings a flock of potential music pushing sites with it though so I’m likely to end up with an even faster growing library should I subscribe to them.

Second favorite feature that still needs a bit of work: Smart playlists. It basically lets you create a query by which to generate a playlist from. The part that needs work: filter by date the file was created. It gives a dozen other options, like the year the song was recorded, but not the one I really want – a playlist that always plays the songs I downloaded in the past three days or that day or since a specific date.

I always claim I’m function over style, but eye candy never hurts. As mentioned, it’s black, so that’s a good start. On top of the black is a well rounded graphical branding that works nicely as a whole ( is the domain, feathers allow reskinning wish CSS). The add to cart buttons (for shirts, Songbird is free) on the Songbird website are probably the best I’ve ever seen. Though not available for OS X yet, the dock icon looks marvelous.

Two odd things. The play/pause button has a second or so lag time between click and the desired action – sometimes. Even the screencast shows this. Creating playlists by dragging and dropping files didn’t always work the way I expected. I didn’t let it index my library so that could be part of the problem, though I don’t really see why. I want to be able to drag a file from any where on my computer, drop it in the current playlist (library, web or otherwise) and have it added to that list, not abandon the list to play that file.

Every page on the Songbird website has a different header graphic. The blog section has shoes hanging over powerlines, something that can connote crack for sale. Is Songbird like crack? Maybe a little bit. Give it a try if you are running Windows. Unlike WM 11 Beta and a crack addiction, it isn’t stuck in your system for good and can be easily washed away if you really aren’t digging it.


  1. jb 20060605

    ha, i was just reading an article like five minutes ago about songbird coming soon to OSX and i thought, “wonder if panther knows about this.” just so happened that the next site i visit is this one and what do i see on the front page? songbird. weirdness.

  2. matches 20060606

    That header is awesome.

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