Best Buy is not an Apple Store


I don’t even own anything made by Apple yet I’m feeling more and more like an Apple elitist that bashes everything non-Apple. I dig Apple and for the most part they set a good example. So.

I was recently at a Best Buy store looking at some home electronics equipment. I managed to tune out the store jukebox (which I understand probably has its place in their business, just not my preference) but couldn’t get the ringing of a security alarm to disappear. After finding out they didn’t have several display items in stock, I started reading the boxes above the shelving looking for an alternative that was in stock. There were two potential candidates, neither of which I could find on display. Inquiring about the price I’m told the clerk would have to climb up there to get the serial number and look it up. But first he had to do something else. He would be back.

The model number was printed clear on the box. I say whatevs and walk over to the computer section and fire up a web browser to check the store’s website for the price. No internet access. I try another computer. Server can’t be found. Another, same thing.

An Apple Store has everything on display, no matter how new. They let you use their display products the way you would if you owned it. The atmosphere is great. Whether they actually have their display items in stock, I’ve never checked.

Sure, Apple Stores are a fraction of the size of Best Buy and their customer base is much more targeted, but Best Buy doesn’t provide even a fraction of the user experience. As for this story, I went to Target instead, which was a much more pleasant experience.


  1. cr 20060529

    I’ve only been in one Apple Store (last summer in Appleton), but I was extremely impressed with the sales people and their willingness to let us play around on the machines. My friend Nick is an Apple fanatic, and I was along for the ride, but with customer service as good as that store, I can see why those who use Apple are very loyal.

    On another topic, and in reference to your Best Buy experience, I would have say that Best Buy gets lower and lower on my list of favorite stores all the time. Their sales reps are virtually useless and my experience with the Geek Squad leads me to believe they are way overrated.

  2. matches 20060529

    cr, you visited an Apple reseller. The one you were at (which I think I’ve been to) sounds quite nice, but they tend to be much spottier when it comes to pricing and stock.

    I like Best Buy OK for get in/get out types of purchases, but it’s not overly fun to browse there. It’s nigh impossible to check something out on their website and thenknow that you can go see it in the flesh at the store.

    What were you shopping for anyways?

  3. waytoocrowded 20060529

    A hi-rez home theatre that wouldn’t break Mario 64.

  4. jb 20060530

    are you getting one of those big tvs? those are rad. no more macbook then?

  5. majafa 20060601

    I worked with a guy who had once worked in a BestBuy computer dept. and he said that one time his dept. manager made him tell a customer that he didn’t have computer monitor in stock because it would hurt their “complete system” sales ratio.

    Apparently the E.C. store’s computer dept. was one of the best B.B. stores is the USA (sales % wise) by having a high complete computer sales ratio to seperate components. Since the dept. manager only cared about the bonus he got for having the highest sales %, he told his sales people to turn people away if they only wanted one component and not a complete computer.

    Of course this was back in 1999 or so, so things might be different now.

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