Goodbye, my lovely


It is gon.e. Today when I launched Bloglines the E.scape feed had the menacing [ ! ] next to it indicating the feed couldn’t be found. A discussion with Busin.e.ssman a few weeks prior lead to the choice of not renewing the domain or hosting, but I wasn’t sure when the host would pull the plug.

Of all the work I’ve done, eskah23 is the most fun and I’d say best. Never taking it too seriously made for interesting content, often dressed up prettier than most things I design. Aesthetics aside, every “feature” I added to the site resulted in me learning about another technology or programming concept.

I was considering archiving the site here. Then I decided that’d be more like a rock band that fades off into non-existence dying away for years after most think it’s already long gone. Esc.ape has been fading for a while (since about a month and a half after Scary Dark), but a least this way there is a definite end to it. Besides, that’s what the Wayback Machine is for.Though maybe I’ll poach content from it here once in a while for sentimental sake.

There is a tentative funeral scheduled for late July in Portland. Details to come. Hold on tight to your e.peril.

For anyone that remembers, the final tally in the Back-Smiths for Donuts poll left Rrrryan with 7,001 votes, Paul with 6,041 and 126 thinking both would starve.


  1. majafa 20060518

    I will always wear my Escape eperil with pride. On second thought, maybe I should have it framed…

  2. matches 20060518

    While I never actually bought ES CA PE eperil, I do have those stickers that I paid for with change.

    I remember es ca when you were just first working on it and you asked me a CSS question, like I knew anything about that. How times have changed.

    Also, don’t tell anyone, but I think that poll was rigged from the get-go. Maybe you should do another contest this summer to “celebrate the memories.”

  3. jb 20060519

    damn, i really did want one of those rad green shirts. bummer. and piss on back smiths anyway.

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