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For the past two years, give or take a couple months, I had been using OS X at work all day and Windows at home. That’s changed in the last month to being XP all day. While I wouldn’t say I necessarily think either Windows or OS X is on all measures better than the other, I really don’t see myself missing Windows in the event I could eliminate from my life altogether. I miss OS X.

Who decided Alt + F4 was a convenient way to close a window? Can someone please draw me a diagram of how to easily do that with one hand? I miss Command + W.

And the title of this post: the 13″ MacBook has arrived. If it had Pro tagged onto the name I’m pretty sure I would have bought one today rather than just play with one (er, several, you know, to try to figure out what the black one does for the extra $150).

Am I missing something as to why glossy screens are better?


  1. majafa 20060516

    are they saying glossy screens = better photo/video viewing? hmmm, I wanna try ‘em out and see the difference.

    why not get the 15″ MacbookPro model? I was just at the online apple store building a Pro and you can upgrade to a glossy screen for free.

  2. Kyle 20060517

    the best way to close the window with the f4 method is thumb on ALT and forefinger on f4, but i prefer to just click on the x in the top right corner, so that is actually the easiest way.

  3. majafa 20060517

    ha, finally another person that prefers to use a mouse rather than weird keyboard commands. I’m not alone!!

  4. waytoocrowded 20060517

    I like the smaller size and wouldn’t consider the glossy screen an upgrade at this point.

    That is the most ridiculous stretch evgnar.

    Using a mouse is for the weak!

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