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Asobi Seksu* is awesome – the music, the website, the everything – yet somehow I glazed over them in that SXSW blast. But if their bio left any fewer hints as to where they call home I would have gone mad (NYC I’m guessing?).

Why must some bands have websites and full on bio pages and then manage to not mention a word about where they are from? And to go the extra mile, not leave a mailing address on the contact page to deduce it from? Just saying.

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  1. majafa 20060516

    Yes, they’re from NYC…more specifically Brooklyn.

  2. Anonymous 20060516

    From their bio:
    “As their captivating live show attests, Asobi Seksu have outgrown the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Lush, and have finally realized their potential as one of New York’s greatest bands.”

  3. waytoocrowded 20060516

    Thanks. I missed that nearly last sentence. The “becoming an instant favorite in the NYC scene” gave it away earlier though.

    Didn’t mean to suggest the Asobi Seksu bio was so much a culprit as others, it just reminded of all those times bands left that out.

    Whatevs, they still rock.

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