Did I ever mention liking Chipotle?

And yes, I know how “muy burritos” translates.


  1. matches 20060508

    Hot damn yes.

  2. jbucki 20060508

    i’ve never had chipotle. but i have had burritos. many, many, many burritos…

  3. matches 20060508

    jbucki, upon reaching the Cities, that is your new prime directive.

    Soooooooooooooooo good.

  4. jbucki 20060509

    i accept the mission.

  5. majafa 20060510

    nevermind how muy burritos translates (very burritos…what the hell?), how were you able to make the upside down ‘!’?

  6. waytoocrowded 20060510

    ¡, or ¿maybe you prefer ¿?

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