Shredding is back


I went snowboarding for the first time in about a month and a half yesterday. It’s Second Season at Mt. Hood Meadows and it’s better than regular season at my previous home resort. The snow is typical of the late spring but the terrain is way too fun. I definitely missed shredding an actual mountain and even though I’m terrible at it, halfpipe is so much fun.

Also, now that I’m rocking a real internet connection again, I’ve been taking in a good share of online snowboard video madness. Total snowboard mode when it should be skateboard mode.

Not that there aren’t plenty of rad skatespots.


  1. matches 20060507

    What’s that building?

    And if I snowboarded, I’d be jealous. Wait — I am jealous.

  2. cr 20060507

    Well, it’s good to know you’re getting your priorities handled over there… a real Internet connection and snowboarding. I watched some kids at the skate park (is that one word or two) in WI Rapids a little today and wondered if you were out shredding somewhere. I guess I had the right idea only the wrong kind of environment in mind!

  3. majafa 20060508

    ah, Mt. Hood and Burnside skatepark whenever you want. now in a perfect world it wouldn’t rain every morning in Portland (as friends who haved lived there told me).

    Is that building a pic of your new workplace or apartment? haha.

    Watching snowboard videos is a waste of time. Watching football/soccer goals videos is more betterer.

  4. Navy Boi 20060508

    Hey there panther hope you are enjoying the left coast, i guess Jason might be coming out here sometime and if you got the time you should come down here to San Diego but i doubt you will, there is too much sun down here for your pale skin.

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