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I’ve mentioned my preference for streaming media several times before and am always thrilled to see new content being made available. ABC is now offering some of their shows online free. The landing page has is dated May through the end of June though, so not sure if this will be free permanently or what. Once my new broadband connection gets turned on I’ll be sure to give it a go. Are there any good shows on ABC though?

I also heard something about Napster allowing free streaming of songs up to five times – not sure on the details but it’s one more thing I’ll be checking out when the broadband returns (as long as I don’t have to sign up for anything).

Update: CBS is doing a little something too with show extras. I listened to bit of Pearl Jam on Letterman. They rock more now than ever.


  1. waytoocrowded 20060504

    bleh, comments aren’t quite so broken anymore.

  2. majafa 20060504

    you did some fixing I see. well then, here’s the comment I tried to leave in all it’s glory (yep, I copied and saved it just for this occasion):

    ABC has shows online for free? Wow what a great deal being that they are available on TV for the whooping price of…FREE!!! I hate how networks are thinking of charging for their programming just because it’s online or at itunes.

    As for good ABC shows, well, they do have that one show called Lost, one of the best shows evgnar. The only people that don’t like it are those that didn’t start watching when the series started and are now insanely jealous.

    Boston Legal is funny at times also. and Alias is back for a few more episodes.

  3. jbucki 20060505

    abc is rad (mostly cuz its the only station i can really get on my rabbit ears tv…). majafa, im pretty much with you on the whole “their already free” thing but since i only get like two, sometimes three stations it is cool when companies like cartoon network and cbs put out their stuff online or i would have never been able to watch their shows.

  4. majafa 20060505

    Curses! This small, innocent “Streaming feels good” post, my comment, and jbucki’s comment is making me think and rethink my position on tv content being available on things other than a tv. At first I hated networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, um..PBS) trying to charge for downloading their programming. I never minded cable stations like Cartoon Network charging cause they charge anyways via monthly cable bills. Anyways, but now I’m rethinking my position on the issue and it may come down to the convience factor…like with music. You can hear the song on the radio for free, or buy the song/single so you can listen whenever you want. I guess the same applies to the network TV thing…it’s free if you watch when it’s on, but if you want to watch it at another time (and don’t have a vcr/tivo) then you must buy it. more on this later…

    E.C. sucks for getting tele without cable. only way to get cbs channel 8 clearly is to live on the south side. sometimes you have better luck getting wcco 4 from the cities as they pump out a more powerful signal.

  5. cr 20060507

    Yes, Lost! That was the answer I was going to give before I found out that comments weren’t working. But I see I’m too late to chime in with it first, so I will give it a whole-hearted “I second that!”.

    Interesting thoughts here about paying for otherwise free TV broadcasted on the Internerd. I’ll have to think about these and get back to you…

  6. matches 20060507

    I don’t think that being able to buy individual downloads of shows is horrible, but it’s not for me. Now I tend to Tivo stuff, but even before if I really liked a show, I’d probably just pick up the DVD of it. I’ve yet to do that.

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