Internets at work


My connection to the internet lately is quite finicky – and slow. Painfully. A few of the things that are currently unavailable:

  1. Flickr images
  2. Files from Akamai servers
  3. Bloglines (but I guess that one is broken for everyone right now)


  1. cr 20060420

    Well… now that Matches graduated, I’m alone in the great big corporate world of Tomorrow I’ll find out what lunch is like by myself!

  2. majafa 20060421

    geez, what’s happening? PDF doesn’t have decent internet. cr doesn’t have a lunch buddy. I don’t have an Audi A3 or Tag Heuer watch…

  3. matches 20060421

    And I still don’t have a car. Wait, that’s no surprise. You’ll have to keep us posted on your internet status; I miss you on AIM.

    Though I figured out that with the time difference now you definitely won’t be on until midnight here, so that may be a lost cause.

  4. majafa 20060421

    I can’t even use my AIM cause noone on my friends list uses it anymore, so i use my yahoo messenger while chatting with PDF since he has that tech program that puts all messengers into one. but lately he’s been gone. booo.

  5. cr 20060422

    Speaking of IM clients, can you use one at work PDF? Matches went to his new office on Friday to look around and we discovered that his AOL account worked through Adium so I was able to converse with him via ICQ. You should get one running and we can chat on occasion. And what about majafa? He needs someone to talk to, too.

  6. matches 20060422

    And I use Yahoo (“laubgt”) in addition to AIM. It could be an internerd cyber-party!

  7. majafa 20060422

    ICQ. That’s something I haven’t used in a while…although I still have it on my computer ready to go when needed. once again, none of the people on my list use it any longer, so it’s been on the backburner.

    I wish it would come back into style though ’cause compared to most of the people on my list I have a fairly low number. PDF has mentioned “the lower the number, the cooler it is.”

  8. matches 20060423

    majafa, as cr mentioned, you can add AIM contacts to ICQ. Try it – it’s fun!

  9. majafa 20060423

    I’m not sure I’m tech enough to start blending programs together. I’ll give it a shot though…after I figure out what Adium is (don’t laugh).

  10. matches 20060423

    I won’t laugh, but figuring out what it is won’t help you because it’s Mac-only. You’d want something like GAIM. PDF, that’s what you use, yes?

  11. majafa 20060423

    yeah PDF uses GAIM. I recognize that word as I always saw it on his computer desktop and said “eh, what’s this?”. I might have to try out this GAIM thing…

  12. cr 20060424

    I tried Trillian at work and could not get it to connect decently… it was very flakey. Let us know how GAIM works out for you.

  13. waytoocrowded 20060424

    Trillian is for the weak! What? My word on Gaim being swell isn’t enough?

  14. matches 20060425

    farns (that’s your new Portland name), cr don’t listen to nobody! He’s a rebel, a free spirit, a bad boy.

    Bad boys use Trillian. Or at least try to.

  15. cr 20060427

    That’s just how I roll…

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