Half shafts, splines and u-joints


There’s been a mysterious clunking sound in the hover Jeep lately. Several expert opinions all point to the above mentioned parts on the front axle, or more precise, front left wheel. $550 and some pretty red goop later and the clunking sound is still getting the best of the Jeep. Round two is tomorrow at 8am, this time facing off against the front wheel drive shaft joint blinker fluid muffler bearings – be there and root for the home team!

Due to missing the knock out in round one, I’m going to be a day behind.


  1. matches 20060409

    That’s a shame but it’s better to take care of it. Are you in Wow-sow or Medford then?

  2. cr 20060409

    Well, it’s a good thing I saw this post tonight as I was planning on calling you at some random time tomorrow to see where you were on the road. Wouldn’t I have felt stupid to find out you hadn’t even left yet? But I agree with matches, best to take care of it and not have problems (hopefully) along the way.

  3. waytoocrowded 20060409

    matches: Not Wow-sow.

    cr: Now you ruined a potential surprise for Tuesday!

  4. cr 20060410

    Maybe. But you still won’t know when I’ll be calling. Unless you have ESPN in the Hover Jeep – the Extra Sensosry Perception Network. Is the Jeep outfitted with after-market physic technology?

  5. cr 20060410

    Yes, I know I spelled it wrong. Psychic is the word. Spelling is the class I obviously failed in third grade (not really, but let’s pretend).

  6. majafa 20060411

    After some early morning work on Hover Jeep, the tele rang and PDF was told H.J. was ready to go back into action.

    Being that it takes anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours (depending on traffic and I-94 construction) to reach the MN border from the starting destination, Hover Jeep may have left WI, possibly for the last time ever, around 2000 GMT–2:00pm central.

    And while Hover Jeep is hard at work going over all the bumps and dealing with the other vechicles trying to steal road space there’s no doubt that PDF is stuffing his face with Oreos and Doritos.

  7. matches 20060411

    majafa: Thanks for the update. We look forward to the progress report. But yeah, no question on that Oreo thing. He mentioned maybe pulling over and resting but he’s going to have such a sugar high that he’ll get there yesterday.

  8. majafa 20060411

    Well, the Oreos and other sugary snacks gave PDF enough energy to pilot Hover Jeep roughly 690 miles. Ten hours after departure H.J. and PDF finally made a pitstop for the night in Dickinson, ND. Not bad given the late start. Only 1200 miles (according to Yahoo) to go!

    Now, PDF and H.J. have been known for making long journeys without overnight stops. Denver to WI has been done a few times sans stops, and is roughly 1070 miles (again according to Yahoo). Knowing the snack supply in the passenger seat, will PDF be going for broke in the next leg and try stretching the trip into a one-stop strategy?

    When it comes to PDF, who knows…

  9. cr 20060412

    Go west young man!

  10. matches 20060412

    Revs, that’s some truly profound advice. With that in mind, here’s some more: go to Portland, PDF!

  11. majafa 20060412

    Well, the possible one-stop strategy turned into a two-stopper. At about 6:30pm pacific time PDF and Hover Jeep decided to stop for the night in Spokane, WA…about 860 miles from his previous stop Dickinson, ND.

    6:30pm might seem a bit early but: 1.portland was indeed too far to get to at a reasonable time to check-in; 2.there aren’t many places to stop between Spokane and Portland; 3.new timezone.

    Stopping at Spokane leaves about 350 miles to Portland. PDF should have plenty of time to unpack at the hotel, and then maybe even have a go at famous Burnside skatepark…while giving Hover Jeep a much deserved rest.

  12. cr 20060413

    Yee-haw! Almost there!

  13. majafa 20060413

    PDF and Hover Jeep left Spokane about 7:30am PDT and rolled into Portland around 1:00pm PDT. Hooray!

    Now H.J. gets a much deserved rest while PDF polishes off the few (if any) Oreos he has left and does anything that doesn’t require him to sit in a chair and push pedals while turning a wheel.

  14. waytoocrowded 20060414


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