I finally joined the ranks of the laceless wonders and couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’re considering the magic shoes, order a half size smaller than usual. You’ll be stoked.

By the way, I haven’t had this much white on my shoes since I don’t know when. It’s a bit distracting – like Post-It notes in the periphery of a computer monitor.


  1. jbucki 20060406

    welcome to the club panther.

  2. matches 20060406

    What are we talking about, now?

  3. majafa 20060407

    curses to you. i stick Post-It notes on/near computer monitors all the time.

    shoes should have laces…and so should snowboard boots. mmm, to make that statement more precise:

    shoes and snowboard boots should have laces that are meant to be tied (I think that covers the spectrum of all laceless shoes whether slip-on, strap, or velcro, boa systems, and last but not least Burton’s quick lace system).

  4. matches 20060409

    Andy Samberg likes the magic shoes too.

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