Putting the Wheee in Web


The cover article of the April 3, 2006 issue of Newsweek is title “Putting the ‘We’ in Web“. When Web 2.0 apps are making the cover article of such a magazine, someone must think this whole thing is a big deal. My RSS reader gives me enough rants and raves regarding Web 2.0 that this article was a bit late for me in that sense, but it did have two points of interest.

The first being terse definitions of two notoriously hard to define terms:

“Provides Web-based applications with the same flexibility of programs that run on your computer.”
“Lets you ‘subscribe’ to targeted information from a Web service in the way you subscribe to magazines. (And no blow-in cards.)”

Seems like it couldn’t get much better considering their general readership. I’ll probably use versions of those in the future.

The second interesting bit was a renaming of Web 2.0 to Live Web. The question: how did you read that – livepronunciation or livepronunciation? I first read it as the second, as in the web is alive with sharing, community, discussion, AJAX, etc. However, it was later used as the Living Web. Live Web, live being a verb? That just sounds wrong but made me think perhaps another interpretation could be made. We are living on the web now more than ever. Dare I say this is a call to action to live the web in new ways?

Labels or not, the internets just keep turning into more fun. So here’s to putting the Wheee into it.

Thanks Answers.com for the prons.


  1. matches 20060405

    That certainly was a manly voice. Do they have other options? And I read prons as pr0n, Sexyl33t. Anyways, reminds me of the time when some friends got a puppy and promptly slapped a “Live Animals” sticker on their car. I suggested adding a comma and exclamation point to make it read “Live, Animals!” Those animals just don’t know what they’re missing, especially with this Wheeeeb 2.0 around.

  2. waytoocrowded 20060405

    I thought their code said pr0n the first time too. It made me laugh.

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