Robots are still fun


There was show on PBS tonight two nights ago about robots driving cars. I once built a robot. Robots are fun to use in design.

The tethered robot

The robots in the Great Race traveled 130 miles through the desert. The robot in the header could travel across smooth linoleum about 16 feet before reaching the end of its wire. Quite a different beast. We built it when I was in second grade out of a garbage can, an old radio and some plastic tubing. It could spin its head, wave its arms in both directions and move about like a tank – one switch for the left wheel, one for the right. It also had a cool 80s sound module to make iconic noises like rocket launch, talking (or beeping…), breathing and engines firing. So cool coming out of its silver speaker grill of a heart.

The eye candy robot

It’s a challenge to design without frivolous elements and still create something engaging (maybe trendy would be a better word). When all else fails and the birds and vegetation and vehicles aren’t working out, robots save the day.


  1. jb 20060330

    one time i was trying to draw a clock in art class and it evolved into a robot. i ended up drawing that robot all throughout high school and even a semester of painting 1 in college. nowdays he only shows up when there is beer and crayons around. kinda miss the little guy.

  2. Kyle 20060331

    As do i mr bucki he was so much fun!
    ohh yeah and you suck at drawing, but so do i for that matter which is whay we create such easy and fun little things.

  3. matches 20060401

    I drew this one once. I have no idea why, and I left it outlined for some reason instead of filling in the shapes.


  4. jbucki 20060401

    flash class was boring yesterday and a certain somebody decided to show up.

  5. waytoocrowded 20060401

    So many different faces of robots.

    And watch out for those spaces in file names – possibly more dangerous than reptillian villains.

  6. matches 20060402

    What about robots decorated with diagonal lines?

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