Ripper spam and default passwords


I used to see this young ripper Angel Ramirez at the skateparks in Denver. Kid always stood out. Today I got an email pushing discount software from Angela Ramirez. But I’ll probably keep pretending skateboarders are sending spam to help pay the bills these days.

A month or so ago I needed to retrieve a lost password from a website so they sent me a new, auto generated one: sexyl33t (for those not down with the hax0r speak, read the 3′s as a pair of e’s). Or at least that’s what I read it as. If I remember correctly it was more along the lines of sekl44t, but my mind was set. Of course plugging sexyl33t into the password field on said site didn’t do much good for logging in, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve been having trouble getting posts to say what I want them to lately. At first I thought I just didn’t have anything to post. Then I reviewed some of the older stuff on this site and realized it was mostly random banter with the occasional informative bit thrown in for good measure. So now I think I’m just trying too hard and sucking a bunch of the fun out of this beast. Enough of that. Maybe.


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    Sexyl33t, I totally know where you’re coming from on that last bit. I find myself overthinking my more recent, WordPressed stuff when compared to my ancient handcoded site as well. One of the things I’ve noticed is that if I go off on a subject that’s too specific and in-depth nobody comments, and it’s just kind of too much. I need to remember that my site is not a resource – it’s just there for interest. Not reviews, or how-to’s, just rambling incoherence.

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