Airplanes are still fun


Remember when I was going to get a fleet of airplanes? Well, I’m still working on it. I haven’t made any investments yet but I’m now sure there will be no need to finance a Boeing 757.

The other day I was sitting on board a Northwest operated 757 on the tarmac at PDX. The air got stuffier and the wait got longer. Eventually a flight attendant came by to tell us there was a light bulb that needed to be changed. Without, there would be no air condition, no onboard radio and numerous other legal issues. But never fear, it should only take ten minutes.

Turns out the light bulb was actually a very specialized switch disguising itself as a light bulb so as to trick the mechanics. This switch was so specialized there wasn’t another to be found in all of Portland. But a hopeful mechanic was determined to wrangle it into submission and make the bugger do its duty. However, everyone would need to be off the plane before the law would let him work his magic.

Two hours later we got to reboard. Along with the previous wait onboard and the time it took to get going, the flight was three hours late. NWA was very sorry for the delay. The situation was certainly handled well though by the ticket agents and for the most part all passengers were quite positive. Hooray for good spirits!

Back to the 757 and my fleet of airplanes. No planes with extra specialized switches that disguise themselves as light bulbs.

Also, did you know Portland likes skateboarders?


  1. matches 20060326

    It’s times like these when a Nintendo DS could be your best friend. You know you want in on that Mario Kart action. And the screen is small, so it won’t be too overwhelming for you.

    Anyway, glad you weren’t too inconvenienced and didn’t have to take the pedal-plane route.

  2. jbucki 20060327

    come on panther, nobody likes skateboarders. not even hippy-ass portland. oh wait, i guess these dudes like skateboarders…

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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