That was quick


One week of office wear (read: never felt the touch of griptape) and they start falling apart. Both shoes. Same place. And they call these skateboard shoes?

You should probably make a comment about how I’ve clearly had them for more than a week and how a little glue will take care of everything. Or perhaps mention how I should be buying a different brand in the first place?


  1. matches 20060306

    You’ve obviously had them for at least a week and a half, and a little glue should fix that no problem.


    Vans? Who buys those, anyways?

  2. majafa 20060306

    it’s a quick fix with glue. seriously it’s probably the shoes vs. office rolley-chair legs that’s the problem…if you have roller chairs in your cubby holes. and, really, vans all the time? what happened to emerica?

    two posts in one day. wow.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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