Snowboarding is still the best


And Think Thank’s latest teaser won’t let you forget it. Here’s to hand packing the lip since day one.

I haven’t been riding much since the wiener kids were in town – the frustration of washing out on turns due to riding a board best left for rails and general terrible-on-the-board terrain has gotten the best of me. It’s cool though. Cause now a rad turn is just as rewarding as a SW BS5 over a hundred foot sea of lava and rusty daggers and a landing infested with death holes.

And BS180s will always be rad.

Also, slightly related, my Firefox no longer hates my QuickTime, and vice versa – so it must have been just a botched install.


  1. matches 20060306

    Everything up to “Firefox no longer hates my QuickTime” was gibberish.

  2. majafa 20060306

    everything after “BS180s will always be rad” was useless blah blah blah crap.

  3. jb 20060308

    i understand panther. i understand.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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