I like my shoes black and my socks blacker


I don’t buy as many shoes as I probably should – especially given the extra abuse mine take from the inherent abrasiveness of griptape as compared to the casual wearer. It’s due mostly to excessive pickiness on my part and a dash of fondness for glue and random chunks of vinyl. Daily clipping of loose stitching and a recent run in with a nice sale on some mostly black shoes resulted in a long overdue new pair. Here’s to six pairs of black shoes in about as many years.

  1. Emerica Templeton
  2. Emerica Heritic
  3. Vans Rowley XLT
  4. 88 Kristian Svitak
  5. Vans Rowley XL2
  6. Vans Bucky Lasek

And there’s a good chance some magic shoes will be added hurry-up quick.


  1. jbucki 20060226

    good call my friend. the magic shows will prove to be one of the wiser choices in your life.

  2. matches 20060226

    Yay for the magic shoes! We can have a club!

    Also, it’s “hurry-up soon” but I’ll forgive. Nice photo-show. Those 88′s look familiar…

  3. majafa 20060226

    remember the days of Airwalk NTS shoes in weird colors? yeah those were the days.

    what is that pic of at the top?

  4. waytoocrowded 20060227

    A Rowley XL2 with a homemade ollie patch.

  5. majafa 20060228

    no no i knew the rowley ollie patch, i meant the pic in the header way up at the top top of the site, above your post. it looks like a broken radio with a red button. is it a robot head without the silver face?

  6. waytoocrowded 20060228

    Yes, that is definitely a robot.

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