I really like the media player at Pure Volume. It has a lot to do with the subtle arrow flourish indicating which song is playing and the animation of it going to the next selection. The grey and black certainly don’t hurt either. And the fact that it actually works.

I really like standalone apps that have the “stay on top” feature. It’s annoying when a video player gets stuck behind my web browser when I’m not giving it all of my attention. And I shouldn’t have to resize my browser window to leave room to see the background.

I don’t like it when periods are contained within the a element when just the last couple words of a sentence are linked. Or two spaces between sentences. But that has nothing to do with media players.


  1. matches 20060218

    Delayed response, but I get annoyed with little picky things like where the link closing tag is placed as well. If it’s the whole sentence, then indeed it goes after the final punctuation. If it’s the last word or two, then the period gets left out in the cold.

    So yeah, exactly what you said. We internerds can be a picky bunch.

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