You can type the www. – I’m not going to stop you (unless you are aiming for something on most subdomains). Just be aware that is it so pre2k.

But, you’ll be the one laughing and pointing your finger when I try visiting one of those websites that seem to be stuck in 1999 and actually require the www. – two that immediately come to mind from previous annoyances: UWSP and Fulham FC. Or the newest mystery in www fun, Transworld Snowboarding – my longtime preferred URL of twsnow.com is dead and transworldsnowboarding.com without the www misdirects me completely works just fine, nevermind.

I’m not going to say www. is deprecated and force all requests to a sans www. URL – after all, I don’t have to type it or look at it in your address bar. Instead I’m just going to keep busy with breaking my sentences apart with dashes – you dig?

And Transworld, please fix twsnow.com? Press releases on your own site reference that URL.


  1. matches 20060213

    This one hits near and dear to my heart. Versus this.

  2. majafa 20060213

    Oi, no dissing Fulham! Maybe if you tried typing in fulhamfc.com rather than co.uk you’d have better luck. Then again it’s weird that fulhamfc.com works with or without the www dot while the co.uk requires the www dot. As FFC supporters would say, it’s kinda fulhamish.

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