SEO secret: Font size matters!


Forget semantic markup. What’s really important to search engines these days when indexing a page is the font size. A page with text styled at 72px will have way better page rank than a page with 11px text. It’s a fact – bigger text is better. I’ve even heard font tags defining huge sizes can boost rankings tremendously.

Seriously though

I was sick of not being able to read my own site. I was sick of bold not appearing bold on Windows machines without ClearType enabled. I was sick of not being able to make subheadings look like subheadings. Not saying this is a perfect solution, but it’s more fun than it was two days ago.


  1. jbucki 20060206

    booyah. looks waytoobetter. he he he.

  2. matches 20060206

    Waynotbetter over here in the land of the most beautiful display evgnar. It looks kind of blurry. But sorry for all the negativity tonight.

  3. majafa 20060208

    well, i guess this just proves you have sold out now. changing font sizes just so search engines will find you…booo. actually, i must admit the font isn’t bad when using The Fox, which i’m using right now. it looks bigger and more generic, a.k.a. crappy, when using IE.

  4. waytoocrowded 20060208

    Just to be clear, Google doesn’t care what size text is styled to render at, just the tags it is wrapped in. This post title is all sarcasm.

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