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The editors at Newsweek trust their readers know how to use the internet. A recent article had a sidebar listing a number of companies that provide a service described in the article. Rather than listing the URL for each company along with the name, a brief note to the tone of “The following are easily found on the web” prefaced the column saving valuable print space and resulting in a cleaner presentation. Yes, people do know to use search engines or even try adding a .com to the end of a company name typed into the address bar.

If huge publications are doing this in print, can online publications follow this trend or are they still expected to link everything they mention? There are definitely times I feel ridiculous linking sites that I know would be the top ranked seach result yet at the same time not linking directly feels lazy. I’m not sure it should. Expect there to be fewer links from posts here to things like Apple’s Cinema display. I’m confident you can find it in the event you want to.


  1. majafa 20060206

    what’s up with your site? the font of the text looks different…bigger or something and generic style. booo.

    anyways, i like direct links to things mentioned in posts. as a lazy web user it saves me time when i become interested in something mentioned an want to check it out. but, again due to being lazy, when i post i rarely add in links, although i’m working on using more. but i must add that i like the (from what i’ve been told) incorrect way to link to pages when compared to the proper way to link…as in i like it when a new browser window opens rather than just changing to the new page. that way when i realize that the link was a bunch of rubbish that is boring i can simply close the window and keep reading the original site rather than having to use the back button. sword.

  2. matches 20060206

    If you’re talking about how Newsweek’s site looks, why not link to it? I don’t feel like typing that crap in.

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