IE7 and apples


I’ve been playing with the “new” features of IE7 (Beta 2) a bit lately. In Firefox, I use ctrl+ or ctrl- to adjust text size. I tried this in IE7 and not only did the text size change but the images as well. This immediately broke the site I happened to be viewing. Concerned text resizing was getting a bit carried away, I looked into the menu options and it turns out there is a zoom feature which is connected to the ctrl+ and – keystrokes. Text resizing is a different matter and works as it has in the past (is there a keystroke for it in IE?).

The zoom feature is nice though it would be beneficial if all browsers could come to an agreement on a consistent way to invoke features across the board.

While looking over the IE7 site to see what changes were getting the most attention, I noticed the monitor used for screenshots looked like a generic black non-wide screen version of the Apple Cinema display. Look at the big versions on their sites – even then bezel looks the same. Why not use a generic monitor that looked similar to a manufacturer that actually supported the software? I guess everyone is down for the sexiness of Apple’s hardware, whether they care to admit it or not.


  1. matches 20060204

    So, first of all, is it true that IE7 overwrites IE6 when you install it? I heard that somewhere, and if it does that as a beta version of the software that’s kind of stupid. If not, then forget it.

    Secondly, it seems strange that they’re showing a monitor at all, but I think you’re spot on in the assertion that it’s a modified cinema display. If you look closely at the bottom right corner, you can even see the little dot where the power light goes.

    Overall, it seems IE7 just isn’t that great, especially given that it doesn’t sound like they’re fixing many (or any) of the CSS bugs. Jerks.

  2. waytoocrowded 20060204

    Yes, it’s just not supported. I think everyone agrees it is stupid, just like with running IE5 and 6.

    I kind of like the use of a monitor to show the screen shots for the tabbed browsing as it helps to show the reduction of window clutter.

    IE7 seems pretty great compared to previous versions. It has some nice features and a rethinking of user goals and needs as a default set up. Nothing that can’t be acheived in FF already, but at least the masses will have a better browser.

    As for CSS bugs, it’s my understanding most are getting squashed. Of course that’s MS’s word. Hard to say for sure when it is still in Beta.

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