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That may be a bit deceiving – it’s really not tech at all compared to some of the monsters out there.

A while ago I mentioned playing with Google maps. It was something I had been interested in investigating but didn’t have anything in particular that needed mapping. Then Majafa mentioned working on the creation of a map of pinpointing all the Premier League teams’ stadiums and how impossible it was to do in Photoshop. I suggested the possibility of using Google Maps instead and the project was born.

The map pulls all the information from a database populated by Majafa after careful compilation of numerous pages of team data. Some PHP magic spits out all the teams’ data as an XML file which is used by the Maps API to plot the points. City names are generated on mouse over using GxMarker and the league toggle is based on the ideas of this code.

Even displaying data about a subject that doesn’t interest me made for a fun map project. I haven’t really looked at it in the last month or so (it’s been sitting online in stealth mode for a while) but it’s still fun to zoom in on stadiums in satellite mode. If only they had as many skateparks as they do soccer fields. Enjoy.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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