Random .htaccess fun


Late last week I suddenly couldn’t access any of my password protected directories. Instead of getting the login prompt, the directory would automagically forward to the home directory of this domain. All nonpassworded directories continued to work as expected. The same results were coming up in both Firefox and IE, so it’s safe to say it was a server issue. For whatever reason Dreamhost and WordPress seemed to not agree on a proper request response. Or something like that. And another site running the same setup on the same host account showed no problems.

The issue is taken care of now, but unfortunately I’m not exactly sure why. My directory indexes are blocked via Options -Indexes in .htaccess. Removing this returned the password protection functionality to the troubled directories. However, it left other directories open that I prefer to have closed. So just to make sure this line was indeed the culprit, I put it back in, uploaded the file and gave it another go. And somehow all is well. I’m just really confused as to what was/is going on.


  1. jbucki 20060122

    i miss those silly “w-a-y-t-o-o-c-r-o-w-d-e-d” letters…

  2. waytoocrowded 20060122

    Do you really miss the letters or do you miss reminding me that I haven’t updated them in a long time? They are still here in all their silly letter glory.

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