I still play bass


I’ve been into playing bass again lately – lately being the past ten days or so. The lack of playing in a band and having a bigger reason to play than just sitting in a room playing through headphones seems to be my biggest discouragement as a musician leading to those periods of not playing at all for months. It’s fun to noodle around aimlessly, but having a band doing something constructive definitely makes it more interesting.

There are a number of sites for designers to collaborate on work. One designer does something, then the other adds to it/redirects it, and so on for a series until it reaches its peak of color, flourish, simplicity, shape or whatever other combination of each designers style. Are there such sites for musicians, more specifically, rockish musicians? I haven’t even bothered digging yet, but probably will. Project files could be swapped letting each musician focus on their individual talents. A virtual band of sorts that’s not generated by algorithms pumped through a processor.

On other bass related business, a couple years ago I wanted a new bass but was convinced there wasn’t a perfect match currently in production. Billings’ work on designing a custom guitar lead me to create a bass robbing parts and styles from various models and manufacturers. I still dig it.


  1. cottager 20060114

    that is a nice bass creation. ’51 p-bass/mike dirnt body and pickguard shape, with today’s standard, non-tele looking headstock. the whole thing color-wise looks exactly like a certain Burns Marquee that’s currently disassembled waiting to be rewired. i like it. call up the fender custom shop!

  2. matches 20060114

    We did that one thing with the drums and the bass awhile ago… we should do that again.

  3. steffen 20061025

    I’m still playing drums… keep it up

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