2 point oh so cool


I upgraded WordPress to 2.0 today and everything seems to have gone smoothly. And quick. If you use one of my plugins be assured they will work with 2.0 in the event you decide to upgrade your WordPress install.

This is my first entry with this version. The first thing I did was install the WP Tiger Admin plugin. Then I turned off the rich text editing thing. At this point my biggest complaint is the way the post categories are presented – my list ends up with a scrollbar. Hopefully that can be fixed with an edit to the stylesheet.

UPDATE: Adding .dbx-content #categorychecklist {height: auto;} to the end of the tiger.css file (assuming you are using WP Tiger Admin) will fix the scrollbar issue in Firefox.

I also installed the 2.0 beta of Gaim. I have mixed feelings about it at this point, but it sounds like they are already working on the most pressing issues.

We got Photoshop CS2(.0) at work recently. It’s taken some time to get used to the changes in the way the layers palette works, but I’m starting to find it much more efficient. I’m really thrilled to no longer have switch to Image Ready to save animated GIFs.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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