They stole my snowboard


Yesterday I took the last run I will likely ever get on my favorite snowboard, a Gnu Choice 159 from 02/03. Same goes for a least two other rippers who also have no idea where their board is at this moment after being snatched from Granite Peak. If only my boot wouldn’t have come loose.

I guess I thought we had moved on from those days of stealing boards and skis, though I can hardly believe it was another snowboarder who took them. How could you ride a board you know someone else loved? Sadly for them, my board isn’t a very good catch profit wise. The dented edges, gouged base, cracked topsheet, mangled bindings and mismatched straps will be lucky to go for $150. Way to go champs.

I bought the board direct from the hands of a Mervin rep in Coloradical. I had the bindings from a previous board so they’ve been around a bit longer and seen even more action. Here’s a list of some of the places the board and/or bindings have shredded:

As for tricks and memories, well, that list is a bit too long for this. So much for one day adding this board to the stack I keep at home.


  1. matches 20060101

    That totally sucks. I’m really sorry.

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