I recently wrote about media distribution and how I’d like to see more media streamed for free. A few days later I wrote about how Yahoo has been up to a number of interesting things lately. Well, here’s a bridge between those posts: Yahoo is streaming a few encore episodes of CBS comedies.

So it’s by no means expansive (two shows) and far from perfect (low resolution, limited time, tied to a larger promotion?), but it’s a start. Is this the first response to networks offering their shows for download through iTunes?


  1. ToroRosso 20051227

    ha. how i met your mother is great. suit up!

    anyways, CBS has been pushing the internerd lots with their tv shows. for example, CSI miami florida, once had a feature “after the show go to the cbs website for a secret ending scene to tonight’s show.” it turned out to be sponsored by Hummer and the new H3 was visible throughout the entire scene, but interesting nevertheless.

    another thing is with character blogs on the cbs website. barney, character played by Doogie, in how i met your mom and goth lab girl (abby?), played by pauley lastnamestartswithaP, in NCIS both have blogs on the cbs website. in any case, cbs is really pushing for people to go to their internerd site. yup.

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