WordPress plugin #3: Title Quantify


A WordPress plugin sure to revolutionize the way people blog and the way people find the content they are looking for on said blogs.

Title Quantify sorts the titles of all posts by their character length and outputs that list as HTML with links to each post. Finally, you can easily read the posts with the longest or shortest titles. It has a number of customizable options:

  1. HTML open tag
  2. HTML close tag
  3. Sort order: long or short
  4. Number of titles to display or all
  5. Option to display character count
  6. Categories to exclude from list

Sample usage: < ?php echo TitleQuantify('<dd>','</dd>','long',6, TRUE, '1,2,5'); ?>

Get it here.

It should be noted that version 1.0 does not cache the sorted list in anyway, so the sort must be repeated on every page load. Once this site starts getting thousands of hits per hour (which will no doubt come soon due to this plugin), I may fix that. In the meantime I will be working on a plugin that parses every post on publish and assigns it a sarcasm index.


  1. matches 20051223

    What a wonderfully useless way to sort (?) stuff. I do look forward to that sarcasm index, though I hope the typically high amount of such facetiousness doesn’t cause it to break.

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