New onclicks for the cameras


When I changed the header layout the other day it left all the links with cameras appended to them with no place to display their reference. Given that they were designed to be accessible without javascript I just left them open like a normal link. Of course that required hitting the back button to return to the rest of the content. Lame.

Now links with cameras will display an image and caption below the paragraph that the link is in. While it still isn’t a perfect system, it is better than the old method of always displaying a 376x300px image in the top left corner of this site. With that set up, posts at the bottom of this page would launch an image at the top, hidden from the user. Someone not familiar with the site would have no idea an image appeared anywhere. Now that image is very likely to be at least partially in the window on launch. Also, now several images can be open at the same time. For example, check out the post with the dog and vans. With that, however, you can have the same image open a number of times too, which makes no sense. Maybe I’ll tweak it later.*

There is another problem if there are several links in the same paragraph. Each successive image will be launch below the previous. If each is closed before the next is opened, no problem. But if left open, once more than two or three images are up, they will start to appear off screen bringing back that old issue from the previous design.

I’m happy with the change for now and this lead me to learn a bit more about the DOM and it’s workings which is something I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of. A div in a paragraph is illegal, right? I’m looking forward to not being as restricted with image dimensions.

*UPDATE: Clicking now toggles images. If it’s the first click, the image will be generated. If it has already be generated, it will be removed. A bit more sensible, no?


  1. matches 20051218

    Really, really nice execution. I was surprised when I clicked, but pleasantly so. I also noticed the stacking of multiple images which I think has its good and bad points. Anyways, though, nice work.

    I’m still figuring out the correlation to the bird and the landscape in the header though, since they don’t seem to want anything to do with each other.

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