Bring on the leaves


This is just here for those who want to say ‘m’LAME!’m’.

Again. Rock ‘n’ Roll quotes.


  1. jbucki 20051213

    i don’t know what that dude is all about but i don’t think i like it. is he some mtv dude or something? that site made me angry. all the talking and flash and stuff. ‘m’ LAME! ’m’

  2. ToroRosso 20051214

    what is happening? some comedian i never heard of hosts SNL once and then I start seeing his name in gossip columns and “most popular searched topics” articles everywhere on the internerd, and now you’re even linking to his site. Is SNL just that popular, or is he that funny? I wish I had watched the show instead of turning the tele off after his monologue just to see what the fuss is about. Oh well. Chalk it up as just another thing I missed out on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the audi website and build my new car i’m getting in the nrear future.

  3. waytoocrowded 20051214

    I must not be very good at making myself clear. If this was a post about some comedian’s website, do you really think the category would be photos? Now I am just being mean and alienating my few faithful readers.

    The link is just there to cite the rock ‘n’ roll quotes since they aren’t my invention. Other than the quotes, I have no preference for the him. Or comedians in general. Sorry about the apparent noise on his site – I never actually visited it and didn’t realize it would be so offensive. ‘m’LAME!’m’.

  4. ToroRosso 20051214

    well, to be quite honest, i didn’t even go to the link. i put my cursor on the link words and looked at the bottom of the screen to see what it linked to. when i saw where it went i didn’t even bother going to the site. so, i didn’t even see any photos. yep.

  5. jbucki 20051214

    im so confused by this post/comments. i even sucked it up and went back to that aweful site trying to see if i missed something. please explain it to us Simpletons panther…

  6. matches 20051215

    ToroRosso: Dane Cook is awesome, regardless of SNL experience. He is that funny.

    PDF: I saw a snowmobile cry once. It was… rusty.

    jbucki: The pictures! The pictures in the title! They’re different! Gosh!

  7. jbucki 20051215

    im still confused. more than ever after reading matches comment…

  8. waytoocrowded 20051215

    Point at the letters or something.

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