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91 Words for Snow is packaged with a number of international snowboard magazines. Elekrep is a free download. Both have crisp production, known riders, unique perspectives and, most importantly, wicked shredding. Be sure to check out all the cable cam madness in Elekrep. Did I mention they are free?

I recently had a brief IM discussion about iTunes and the general distribution of digital music/movies/tv shows. I’m not a fan of the current business model but don’t have a definitive alternative to argue for.

That conversation spawned from the idea that more networks were going to offer their shows through iTunes. I said basically said who cares. If the shows are free on television from the start, why not free always? And if you are going to pay, why not get the DVD? In music terms, why not buy the CD? At the same time it should be understood that the few DVDs I own were free, I rarely buy CDs and all my music/video downloads are free from the creator of the content. I’m also not a believer that headphones are required for a walk across the street.

So people don’t want to buy a whole CD for one song or an entire season on DVD for one episode. That, and they want everything instantly. And I don’t want to pay for anything that I download. Ever (Software too? That’d be nice.). Free content destroys the current digital music store model. Maybe it could move towards a more advertised based system like radio, TV and Google. And to better protect content have everything on a streaming server instead of offering downloads. Or for those who need to watch Family Guy for ten minutes between classes, continue with the current download based system – just keep it from being the only option.

A number of websites already offer music videos as streaming content based on an ad system. In most cases their current model is a bit intrusive (forced through an ad before getting to the desired content). That or they don’t let me use my browser of choice which is nearly as bad as being required to install specific software to get the downloads/streams. The two snowboard videos mentioned earlier survived almost completely off sponsor revenue and did so without being obnoxious. They don’t even have the commercial parts video magazines like 411 have. Why can’t online sources follow this?

I’m not sure that system would work business wise or in the end even be desirable for consumers, but I know I’m not thrilled with the current system. Streaming content generally works well for me and in most cases I don’t need a local copy of the content. That may not be the norm amongst digital media consumers though.


  1. matches 20051211

    Desirable for me? Or maybe you meant consumers in that final paragraph and not costumers.


    I don’t think anyone out there is truly happy with the way anything out there works as far as content delivery which is why there are so many choices, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It really still comes down to getting what you pay for in *most* cases.

  2. matches 20051211

    Another thought. Online content delivery compared to the old physical way of doing things is still in relative infancy, so they’re still sort of grasping at straws and seeing what works. I think when something hits the right key it takes off and makes way for others to follow. Like it or not, it seems iTunes (as far as music goes; I don’t really know about video) is an example of that.

  3. ToroRosso 20051212

    I hope the ipod/mp3 player hype dies down eventually. What i mean by that is yes there are tons of benefits to them…easily portable, can hold lots of music blah blah blah…but they’re still in the stage of “i have to have my ipod with me at all time so people see i have an ipod and think i’m cool”. i can’t stand people that won’t even take a 30 second walk across a parking lot to the Walgreens next door for a hostess cupcakes and twinkie run without plugging in. hopefully when more people have them in a couple years the ‘cool’ factor will wear down.

    as for downloading tv shows…paying to download/watch shows on your ipod is dumb…especially now that networks are all about showing “encores” (a.k.a. repeats) so often of their popular shows. you know, the same popular shows that just happen to be the same shows you can download to your ipod.

  4. waytoocrowded 20051212

    iPods are cool. And that’s fine. And if people really enjoy having music in their ears every moment of their lives, great for them. iTunes is geared towards these people, since you know, it sells their hardware. And apparently does a great job at accomplishing its task. Just doesn’t do anything for the people out there that have computers, no digital audio player and a desire to listen to a song/watch a show once and move on. That’s maybe where the gap is. But again, where’s the profit going to come from?

  5. ToroRosso 20051213

    where’s the profit going to come from? that’s what the underpant gnomes said a few years ago in a South Park episode. phase one: collect underpants. phase two: _____. phase three: profit.

    mmm, well it was funny in the show at least…

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