Keystroke shortcuts are my favorites


Command + n will open the corresponding bookmark in the quicklinks bar in Safari. I didn’t know this until today when I missed the W key and got a 2 instead. This lead me to find that Control + n will focus the corresponding tab in Firefox.

It’s always nice to find new keystrokes that are immediately useful – the ones you wonder how you ever got along without knowing about. And it’s real annoying when you can’t remember new ones making it impossible to form a habit of using them. Productivity down the drain!


  1. matches 20051206

    …and then it degrades to you just pressing random combinations of keys in hopes of finding some new awesome shortcut.

  2. hotspur 20051206

    i always use this one thing that’s nice and easy to remember and is similiar with most computers. it’s called a mouse and you just slide it around on the table and click the button (or buttons) and you can add bookmarks and open browsers and all kinds of other neat stuff. booo to keyboard shortcuts.


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