Firefox 1.5 issues


I installed the newest version of Firefox about an hour ago. The first thing I noticed (well, second, after the new .com Mozilla domain) is the miniT extension has been built into the application. Wicked. But I didn’t think that was enough to write about and I didn’t get around to checking into the other new features yet so I wasn’t going to.

Then CTRL+Shift+D, a short cut for the Web Developer extension, wasn’t working. It is now the shortcut for bookmarking all open tabs. Nice feature, but they stole the shortcut I am so used to. Seeing how popular that extension is, I’d imagine quite a few others are going to have to readjust as well. Still, not really worth writing about.

Later, a peculiar bug showed up. When links are clicked on, a dotted box outlines the link area to show it is selected. However, in v1.5, this outline is not always accurate. It seems to miscalculate links that use Phark Image Replacement (update: check the last two comments there for more on the issue). For example, my WAYTOOCROWDED.COM above. If a letter is clicked, the click region (?) is shown to extend all the way to the left edge of the screen rather than just the defined clickable area (the letter). Here’s another example.

More of an annoyance than anything as random boxes running across the screen aren’t very appealing and likely rather confusing. Should be interesting to see how/when/if it is resolved/worked around.

Oh, and SpellBound needs a reinstall as well.


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