I was talking about metal bands with a coworker today. He tried convincing me Korn is awesome. I tried convincing him 3 Inches of Blood is awesome. He dismissed them on their name alone. Foolishness. Tonight I verified I’m the undisputed winner of this battle. You can’t argue with a video in which someone throws the two-handed horns.

Claiming Metal Rulez! makes me feel silly, but seriously, there are some rocking metal bands. Probably a x100 more non-rocking “metal” bands, but still.


  1. cr 20051202

    Dude, that is waaay too much rock for one hand!

  2. matches 20051202

    Korn is indeed not awesome. I don’t know about 3 Inches of Blood, though at least they spelled all the words right in their name. I have to confess I’m not really into the metal genre in general so I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. jbucki 20051202

    so let me get this staight. he dismissed 3 inches of blood because of their name but claims korn is awesome? ??????? (that was intentional, it is a sentence of confusion and sadness) im gonna try to pretend im someone who has never heard of either of these bands for a minute: let’s see, the first bands name is 3 Inches of Blood. pretty badass. especially if its baby’s blood or something. as far as awesome metal band names go, i would put it somewhere between Goatwhore and Cattle Decapitation. now the second band, Korn. what the hell is korn? a food? an animal? oh, i get it, its “corn” but with a “K”. thats totally Kr@zy right? no. no it is not. you need to straighten out that co-worker of yours Panthurr.

  4. hotspur 20051202

    Forget the fact that their name is taken from a character in The Neverending Story…best metal band: Atreyu. done.

  5. waytoocrowded 20051203

    (Fantasy Story + Black + Tattoos) + (Volume * 11 ) / Ear Lobe Gauge = \mm/

  6. matches 20051204

    100 – [Deliberate misspelling of (vegetable name) + arbitrary capitalization] – [x(years of absence from the public eye) - playing your old songs on SNL] = ..l.

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