Map ‘de vous


I’ve been playing with Google Maps a bit lately. In trying to figure out how to create a specific functionality, I came across this map which tracks the journey of a Ferrari tearing through Paris circa 1976 in C’était un rendez-vous. Download the .mov here.


  1. jbucki 20051128

    that was so gnarly. i would kill to see a camera angle out the back of the car. can your hovering jeep do that?

  2. waytoocrowded 20051129

    Yes, yes, it can. Only not in Paris as they pump anti-hover particles into their air. There is an anti-anti-hover particle mechanism available for the Hover Jeep, but it’s not within my reach financially at this time.

  3. matches 20051129

    Your HJ is looking less and less desirable by the moment — first no water capability and now no AAHPM? That must’ve been the base model.

    Anyway, good find.

  4. cr 20051129

    I’m new around. Can someone please explain the origins of the hover jeep?

  5. jbucki 20051129

    the Panther has a jeep that hovers. it is neat.

  6. hotspur 20051129

    that mini flick is great! that might even top the chase scene in “Bullitt”….mmm, too close to call.

  7. matches 20051130

    I just watched Bullitt tonight and then I went to look for a google map of the SF chase but alas, there was none to be found.

  8. hotspur 20051130

    i think might have to tackle that task and create a Bullitt map. It would make another great feature on my upcoming website…you might think i’m joking, but i’m not. yes, already due to my lack of internerd site building know-how Dreamweaver has been renamed Dreamkiller. And creating an interesting, simple-looking, yet complex background that loads quickly has already been deemed as impossible. yup, my site is moving along slowly…in a few years i might have something.

  9. matches 20051201

    At least Bullitt’s a classic so people will still know what it is.

  10. waytoocrowded 20051201

    Have I seen Bullitt? I doubt it could top a Hover Jeep chase.

  11. matches 20051201

    Probably not but I can get you a copy, and yes it could.

  12. hotspur 20051202

    Steve McQueen plays the main character (Bullitt). He’s the guy in the original Thomas Crown Affair…that we decided was dull compared to the remake.

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