Dogs and Vans


Dog. Dog. Dog and Vans.


  1. matches 20051128


  2. matches 20051128

    So…. does this work?

  3. waytoocrowded 20051128

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure that works. You might want to check the official rule book though. I remember seeing something in there regarding the ratio of animal to Van and I fear you may not have enough animal to account for all the Van. But there might be some fine print involved making yours an exception.

  4. matches 20051128

    But…you have neither animal nor Van in the picture – is that legal?

  5. waytoocrowded 20051128

    The prints clearly denote their presence. There’s no rule indicating the physical animal and Van need to be prominent in the photo. It’s a fact.

  6. matches 20051128

    OK. I guess I took advantage of that by showing the box but not the shoes.


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