Saw this in Newsweek. Appears to be a real hot item. My old decks are in a pile in my closet. I’ve always intended to make something rad with them, just haven’t come up with that rad thing yet.

I really like the rollover for “View My Account” though. Rather fun approach to a commerce site that sets it apart from the usual. Usable? Accessible? Eh, whatevs. They have stores too, right? Are they fun?


  1. matches 20051126

    I think I was in one of those stores once, in either Madison or Minneapolis. I didn’t find it that interesting but at the time I was a money-free college student. I do like those rollovers though – when I think of graphics that should accompany “my account”, a bird is the first conclusion I come to.

    On the subject of doing something rad with your decks, I don’t think this is the solution. I like the concept of mounting them on the wall, but of course I don’t have any to do that with and I don’t skateboard so it’s not like it’d make any sense anyway.

    Maybe you could make a shelf or something out of them?

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