Best part of winter


Sometimes I get up and ready for the day and close the door to my apartment without ever opening the blinds to look outside. Then I walk down the steps and open the door to the parking lot to unexpected fluffy snow. I like that. This much.


  1. hotspur 20051123

    yeah it’s all fun and games until you’re just on the verge of running late for work and you step outside only to find you have to waste more time to brush the snow off your car. Then the boss gets mad cause you’re late and then before you can explain why the newsroom producer comes running in with some urgent graphics that need to be made and recorded to tape before the 5:00 news and it’s all because of the cute fluffy snow. or maybe it’s because the garage door was busted and wouldn’t open so you had to leave the car outside because you hadn’t gotten around to fixing it yet…

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