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It’s been a fun month for me with regards to site up-time. The other day ES CA PE went down again due to PEAR modules and yesterday bleeding into today Dreamhost wasn’t letting me create a new database on this domain. Yesterday the admin panel just seemed non responsive, today it actually gave an error. So I sent off an email.

Both the hosts I use have prompt and helpful customer service. Thank you. With Lunarpages (where esc.APE is hosted), after sending an inquiry I received a ticket number, a URL to a clean message board style interface and a human response within several hours – and my initial email had gone out around 11pm. The issue was resolved and a clear explanation to the problem followed soon after. Super. With Dreamhost I submitted the issue through their clunky web panel (I’ve never been a fan of it) and waited. The initial response and confirmation wasn’t there, but the issue was resolved quickly and a follow-up response was received. Again, super.

And there were plenty of apologies for any inconveniences all around.

The point is, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of these hosts, for their hosting packages or their service. It’s annoying the problems came up at all but I don’t think it’s fair to complain too much, all things considered.

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