Expanding the flock


The other day I mentioned my intent to soon be an owner of a Boeing 777. Then I started thinking about fish and how cool guppies are and Matches suggested a Concorde’s speed would be way cooler than the 777′s ability to fly really far.

I’m going to get a whole fleet instead of just the 777. At this point, the plan is to start with three planes. The Boeing 777-200LR for days when I just feel like hanging out in the air for a long time. The Concorde for going wicked fast in luxury. And the Super Guppy for skateboarding in the air – it’s going to become a skatepark with wings. Can’t wait to high-mark those walls with esc.ape stickers.

That’s phase one after which comes the addition of a smaller jet for general tearing around and a war plane of some sort not yet decided upon. And a helicopter.


  1. jbucki 20051119

    that super guppy would be rippin. are you just gonna throw it in auto-pilot and go shred the tranny? that would be gnar.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051119

    That is indeed the plan. Full pipe at 25,000 feet. Wheee!

  3. hotspur 20051119

    Boeing sucks…get an Airbus.

  4. matches 20051125

    How did I miss this post?

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