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From this post forward, all content on this site will be of or relating to zoology.

The other day some site linked to this image of an enraged black leopard. I laughed because dabootski is always linking to photos of panthers. Looks like the same beast to me.

Turns out scientists don’t distinguish between leopards and panthers – they are both of the species Panthera pardus. One is just born with a silly tail. Bootski, if the keyword panther doesn’t give you the results you need next time, you are safe to substitute with leopard. Panther just sounds way more intimidating.

Also. Google found a quiz with the panther question in it as the best result for a query on the difference between black panthers and leopards. Not some science paper or encyclopedia entry. Using a quiz as a resource is rather interesting – and annoying. I had to answer all 15 questions before it would give me the information I wanted. Online quizzes shouldn’t force answering the questions. An alert so the user doesn’t accidentally miss one seems reasonable, but the option should be available to skip to the answers, quiz completed or not. No one wants to waste time clicking radio buttons when they could be typing pointless blog entries. 15 questions, three choices each, perfect guess work.

What really brings this post full circle is earlier today I wrote Deaf Leotard on a whiteboard in response to what 80s band had a song with the lyrics “pour some sugar on me” in it.


  1. hotspur 20051116

    haha deaf leotard. when i worked at a TV station we gave one co-worker the nickname Leotard. great fun. where was this online quiz you speak of? and don’t just tell me to search google damnit.

  2. hotspur 20051116

    nevermind about the quiz…i swear the words quiz and linking and photos and panthers and leopard and etc. etc. weren’t clickable before, but now i click refresh and boom, there they are…clickable.

  3. matches 20051117

    So we we were on bugs and how our relationships with them can vary, but then we somehow started on planes, and now we’re back to animals? This is all very confusing.

    When are you going to take more pictures of your dog?

  4. matches 20051117

    And ha….LEOTARD.

  5. jb 20051117

    i used to have a deaf leotard def leopard greatest hits album. “love is like a bomb, baby come and get it on”, ahhh the memories…………

  6. jb 20051117

    whoa what the hell, it was supposed to cross out “deaf leotard!” panther (or leopard, your choice now i guess) can you fix that for me?

  7. waytoocrowded 20051118


  8. waytoocrowded 20051118

    Two comments, just like everyone else on this post.

  9. jbucki 20051119


  10. jbucki 20051119



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