Bootleggers and flailing arms


I happened across some snowboard footage from three years ago at Breckenridge that reminded me of a couple things, namely, the title of this post.

When my snowboard buddies and I were reviewing the footie a non-snowboarding roommate asked “How come the guys in the videos you watch don’t wave their arms around all frantic like you guys do?” Thanks, dawg. Thanks for pointing that out. That’s why they are pro. That’s why people put them in their movies.

Which brings up the bootlegging. It’s not uncommon for pro shreds to be tearing up the park at Breck. It’s also not uncommon for the locals to ride like pros, and by that I’m referring to the locals that in fact aren’t pros. Finally, it’s not uncommon for dudes to stand on kickers and film every rider that hits it. Shoot every rider to practice filming technique or hoping to capture a ripper to add to the friends section of the vid?


  1. matches 20051110

    That’s an interesting take on bootlegging. I guess it still kind of is, in a harmless way, since you’re doing it without the rider’s permission. Of course, once you start throwing it on your mix tape and trying to pass the pros off as people you know it gets a little shadier.

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